Kercha Dubisa Ethiopia

Kercha Dubisa Ethiopia

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Treat yourself to the most lovely, Kercha Dubisa. We are extremely proud to offer you this delicately complex coffee from the Guji zone in southeastern Ethiopia. Kercha Dubisa has lingering notes of summer, with hints of jasmine and watermelon candy. You’ll immediately feel the sunshine on your face with this one!

Kercha Dubisa is very special to us for many reasons besides just taste. It was sourced through a wonderful importer of fine Ethiopian coffees called Dominion Trading located in Spokane, Washington. A great friend of ours who works with them has been spending months at a time in Ethiopia, dialing in the various processes that this coffee goes through before landing in the United States. With the help of processors Ashebir Haro and Tamrat Desta at the wet mill in Dubisa, this coffee was was meticulously cared for. We hope you will enjoy it as much as we do!

Variety: Heirloom Ethiopian

Process: Washed, Special Prep. Screen 15

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