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The Roastery

Centrally located near downtown Bend, our roasting facility offers tastings and the purchase of whole bean coffee. We share the space with a chocolate maker, so it always smells delicious. Stop by during business hours to explore our offerings.  

35 NW Bond St.

Bend, OR

Hours: FRi & sat - Noon - 6 pm

public Cuppings held every Saturday at 2 pm. Join us!

The Humble Beet

We proudly serve our coffees at The Humble Beet, a locally minded, sustainably driven market, deli, and cafe in the heart of Bend. Stop by for a shot of single origin espresso or a precisely prepared cappuccino. Try our espresso blend, taste our brewed coffee, revel in the flavors.

1124 NW Newport Ave.

Bend, OR

Open Everyday from 7am-2pm


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