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Still Vibrato is a small coffee roasting company located in the high desert town of Bend, Oregon.      



44.0582° N, 121.3153° W

We spend our days sorting through samples, honing our roasts, tasting over and over to learn more about roasting. It's an on going process that we enjoy dearly; finding focus, taking notes, and constantly pushing to improve. 


Our goal is to source coffees that have been grown by sustainably minded farmers 


the beginnings


of the futuristic


"An early aged stint working for a coffee roaster began this pleasant obsession. So much so that i moved to Portland, diving face first into the dreary overgrowth of coffee wisdom. Years later the madness continues, the tool box is full to the brim, and it's high time: sourcing and roasting in a small mountain town, pursuing excellence until the nights daze"

-clint (founder/roaster) 




The first thing we do is find the coffee. 

This takes getting in touch with importers or going to the farm ourself.

Tasting through samples can be tiresome, but well worth the task. 

There are various factors to be weighed before making a purchasing decision.

Things we look for when we taste: character, complexity, and sweetness. 

Some main factors we consider are traceability and farm practices.





The second thing we do is create a roast profile.

This is a process of roasting, tasting, and tweaking.

Each coffee reacts differently in the roaster and needs something slightly different to make it taste good. 

At Still Vibrato we roast to highlight each coffees inherent character. 

Through roasting we are able to curate the taste of a specific coffee. 




The final stage that showcases the work of farmer and roaster. 

Science, and with science comes artistry. 

There are so many ways to brew coffee with so many different types of equipment. 

Brewing is a matter of variables. 

A master brewer has the knowledge to create the sweetest cup with utmost pleasantry.